Curaçao is one of the tiny and beautiful Caribbean A-B-C islands, consisting of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, located 35 miles north of Venezuela and just south of the "hurricane belt." Temperatures hover near 80 degrees year-round, and the constant trade winds keep it pleasantly comfortable. Curaçao has a rich ethnic culture with influences from the Arawak Indians, Africans, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and West Indians.

Curaçao offers activities for everyone. It is known for its beautiful beaches and excellent diving. Curaçao boasts 38 beaches ranging from long sandy beaches to secluded coves. The reef diving is some of the best in the world and other water sports include snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and fishing. There's also other activities such as hiking in the Christoffel National Park, diving with the dolphins at the Dolphin Academy at the Sea Aquarium, and visiting the Aloe Vera Plantation or the Ostrich Farm.

Curaçao's architecture is Old World from the Dutch influence and has been well preserved in the capital, Willemstad. You will see brightly painted houses and buildings throughout the city. The countryside is dotted with plantation houses known as landhuizen, dating from the 1600s and set among the cacti, some of which have been restored and are in use as restaurants and accommodations.

We welcome you to explore Curaçao! Here's some links to popular Curaçao web sites.

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www.experienceCuraç Official site of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Corp. Web site including accommodations, shopping, art and architecture, history and heritage, events, sights and beaches, transportation, business and real estate, dining and night life, activities and sports, maps, etc. Web site of the Curaçao Hotel and Tourism Association, the private sector tourism organization whose members include most Curaçao accommodations, car rentals, and other tourism-oriented businesses.

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